Eco Decking

eco composite decking


Project Overview

This passive energy eco house represents complete heat and power independence.

Deck25 Professional  eco decking was chosen to complete this Eco House because of Deck25's strong eco credentials. Deck25 eco decking, is approximately 90% recycled plastic and recycled hardwood fibre. Anti-slip and low maintenance attributes were also  important reasons for choosing Deck25 eco decking.
Medium Brown Deck25 eco decking adds visual warm to the house. The Deck25 Sand skirt defines the continuous step around the perimeter of the deck. The sand colour contrasts well against the medium brown deck25 eco decking
More Info

The Eco House uses solar tubes on the southern face of the roof to generate hot water. The energy from the hot water is also used to heat the house. The energy from the water is transferred via a heat exchange system to the air circulation system and low voltage fans in the ceiling transfer heat throughout the whole house. The house is super-insulated, air tight and all windows are triple glazed.

Electricity generated by a 5kw wind turbine is stored in a large battery bank. Power consumption is much less than a typical home, an energy management system operates continuously.
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