How to Order

deck25 free quotation

You can order by telephone, fax, post or email.

Please state:
  •  The colour / type of Deck25 Low Maintenance, Anti-Slip Decking you have chosen
  • The quantity of Deck25 that you require


(We can help you calculate what you need for your project from your measurements or plans.)
You will need enough Deck25 for the main deck (allow for trimming & wastage) you will also need enough for the skirt around the main deck, steps / stairs, handrail etc
We can advise on construction method, type of sub-frame and any additional materials that you will need to construct a strong safe deck that exceeds building code regulations.
We can supply all sub-frame materials at very competitive trade prices, if required.
Your Details:
  • Name of person placing the order
  • Billing Address of person placing the order
  • At least 2 contact telephone numbers
  • 1 email address
  • Delivery address if different
  • Payment method ie bank transfer, personal cheque, cash, banker's draft
Details of Deal:
  • Name of person you did the deal with
  • Description of material
  • Colour of material
  • Quantities of material
  • Total Amount including Vat
  • Currency Euro or Sterling
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