Glass Balustrade

glass balustrade


Glass balustrade

Decks over 400mm off the ground should have a safety barrier or a glass balustrade
Glass balustrade with a stainless steel post and railing system is the most expensive handrail system. The main advantage of a stainless steel glass balustrade  with 10mm or 12mm toughened safety glass is that it allows full visibility through the glass balustrade handrail system.
Use of a Stainless Steel glass balustrade system (normally 316 grade) is an architectural statement. It is generally reserved for exceptional sites with stunning views
The stainless steel glass balustrade post system is locked in place between the floor joists and the header joist. An additional sleeve is face fixed to the deck for extra strength.
The maximum distance that the stainless steel posts can be spaced apart is 1.2m as this is the maximum distance the toughened glass panels will span while maintaining full strength. The top handrail is welded on site by our teams of specialist welders. Only 316 grade stainless steel is used as it is maintenance free and exceptionally resistant to the salt in sea air.
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