Lake View House

decking design


Project Overview

This grand design private residence overlooks Glencar Lake, approximately 10 miles from Sligo Town. This alpine style deck located to the front of this unique property extends out over the valley projecting 8 metres straight out from the building at the decks widest point. The composite deck was designed symmetrically with the main patio doors opening on to the central part of the large panoramic deck.

The compass insert in the centre using Deck25 Redwood and Cedarwood adds a unique design feature to the deck. It is just enough to create visual interest, drawing your eye towards it. (The compass design alone took a skilled carpenter 2 days to complete.)
The colour choice had to be a grey to blend with the stonework of the house and the surrounding rock of the mountain, subtle, understated but very impressive.


More Info

Due to the sheer size of this grand design deck, 250m², a timber deck was not an option in Ireland's wet, damp climate. It would have been a major undertaking to maintain this size of a deck every year as well as cost a small fortune in treatment chemicals. Deck25 Low Maintenance, Anti-Slip decking boards were the natural choice of decking material, for a project of this quality and scale. 48 no 150mm x150mm Douglas Fir vertical posts carry the composite decking structure and the 2 flights of stairs.

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