How To Lay Decking



How to lay decking step 1. first calculate your distances and spacings.  Take accurate measurements, allow approx 10mm spacing from the brickwork or masonry to your first deckboard.

Deck25 Grooved is 137mm wide.

Deck25 Woodgrain is 140mm wide.

How to lay decking step 2.Plan your spacing between the deckboards to finish on a complete board, if possible. You can adjust your gaps to between 3 – 5mm to allow this to happen, find spacers that create the perfect distance.  If you can't do this calculate your boards from the perimeter board and work from the perimeter in towards the brickwork of the building.  Mark the position of the 2nd board out from the building.  Start laying boards ensuring that your 2nd row is gun barrel straight.  (As the brickwork / masonry of the building may be running off this is why the board closest to the building is generally laid last and can be scribed in to compensate for the brickwork.

How to lay decking Tip for gun barrel straight deckboards.

Use nails for your spacers – they will create the optimum distance and will also hold the deckboards straight when dry fixing.  Drive in the nails in the spacing / gaps between the deckboards approximately every 5 or 6 joist distances apart (apply pressure to straighten any deckboards, if required and use the nails in the gap to hold the deckboard in position and keep it straight.

Info: Dry fixing the Deck25 deckboards will allow the installer to make sure the joists are laid in the correct place.  If any thing has been overlooked it allows fast remedy of the situation eg an additional joist may be required in order for the end to end joist lines to run perfectly straight.

The T10 super thin screws are positioned approximately 25mm from each edge.  Two strikes of a hammer will stand them up as they are self drilling.

Tip The fastest method is for one person to stand the screws up while a second person drives them in with a high powered cordless drill.

Deck25 grooved – position the screws in the 2nd groove from each side and bury the screw head 1-2mm below the bottom of the groove.

Deck25 woodgrain – position each screw 25mm approximately from each side and bury the screw head 1-2mm below the bottom of the groove.

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