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Deck25 – Marine Decking
Deck25 Low Maintenance, anti-slip decking is a hybrid / composite of recycled plastic and hardwood fibre. It is particularly suited to freshwater and salt water environments. Stainless steel fixings are strongly recommended with Deck25 in both applications. We also strongly recommend that stainless steel, concrete or glass re-enforced plastic (GRP) forms much of the substructure.
RedwoodMarina3Main uses include:

Boat docks and jetties

Floating pontoons

Boardwalks and piers

Walkways around lakes and rivers

Fishing stands

Deckboards on fishing boats and pleasure crafts

Cost Savings
As some marina and jetty projects can be very large. Maintenance costs calculated over 20 years can run into £10,000s where timber deckboards are used (labour and chemical treatments). Substantial cost savings are guaranteed when Deck25 low maintenance decking is specified and used instead of hardwood.
Maintain Capital Value
The durability of Deck25 combined with excellent colour fastness will ensure that the Dock, Jetty or Marina will remain in good condition, both structurally and visually for several decades (subject to quality of substructure both in terms of material and construction / manufacture and in the absence of significant acts of god.)
Deck25 Marine
       Main attributes:
  • Low Maintenance (Deck25 will never have to be painted, treated or sealed.)
  • Deck25 Low Maintenance decking prevents any risk of water pollution that could otherwise occur if hardwood deck boards are used as they need to be protected annually with treatment chemicals.
  • Excellent slip resistance adds an extra element of safety.
  • Excellent suitability for the construct alternating wetting and drying action in both freshwater and seawater environments.
Deck25 Heavy Duty Marine
This is a 38mm deep, solid throughout, marine grade composite deck board. It is low maintenance with excellent long life colour fastness. Deck25 Heavy Duty Marine Decking will span 400mm with full commercial loadings. It has excellent anti-slip properties with a co-efficient of friction of 0.95 wet and 0.88 dry. Deck25 Heavy Duty Marine Decking is designed for Commercial Docks, Fishing Ports and Passenger Shipping Terminals.
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