Care & Handling

Colour Harmonisation

It may take up to 3 months for the deck shade to completely harmonise
The combination of natural fibres and high density polyethylene in the Deck25composite boards may result in slight colour variations between boards, this variation will weather to a slightly lighter, but much more even shade during the first few months; this may take much longer in shaded areas. Deck25profiles will then continue to hold their colour with minimal fading for up to 25 years.
With most WPC (wood / plastic composite) products there are areas that you should be advised of:
  • Deck25contains Lightfast 7 - 8 series pigments which are globally accepted as being some of the best on the market for UV stability. Colours are good for 25 years.
  • The High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) element is also UV stable.
  • The timber element is NOT UV stable and cannot be and therefore will darken initially on the lighter colours of our product range particularly Sand.
  • There is a slight hint of darkening in Grey and Brown. This is normal and is due to general oxidation of the timber.
  • Over a period of 3 months or so the wood particles will fade by 5 to 10% as they do on all WPC (wood / plastic composite) products due to UV activity.
  • NB Slight colour variations are natural within any composite deck product.  These variations are not a product defect and thus are not covered by the product warranty.
  • Deck25only needs minimal maintenance to keep it looking great, periodical cleaning using a flat bladed tool / yard brush with medium to soft bristles to keep the board gaps and grooves clear of debris.
  • An occasional wash with a mild biological detergent and a brush (or power washer) is all that is required.
  • Do not allow leaves and other debris to lie on the deck surface as this may cause staining and promote surface slime and algae growth.
  • When using a barbecue it is recommended that a suitable sheet is placed around the area to protect the deck from oil/grease splashes.
  • Most heavy stains, dirt and mildew can be washed off using a common deck cleaner available from most hardware stores, builder’s merchants, home stores and the like. Oil, grease and other stubborn stains may require the use of a de-greasing cleaner or may need light sanding to remove the stain.
  • General: Simply keeping the deck clean, free of debris and maintaining drainage and ventilation gaps should allow you to enjoy your deck for many, many years.
Handling & Storage
  • Deck25is heavier and more flexible than most timbers and needs to be considered when transporting boards.
  • Boards should always be stored on a flat surface or on a close boarded, full length pallet with bearer centres of 900mm or less for up to 1000 kilos full pallet weight and 600mm centres or less up to a maximum of 2500 kilos full pallet weight.
  • If storing boards outside for any length of time, ensure they are covered with a tarpaulin or other waterproof membrane to prevent staining.
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